Model disappear when zooming out?

Is there any way I can try to fix this clipping problem ? There is attached SKP file here.
When I zooming out the whole model will just disappear and I can bring it back by Camera > Zoom Extent.

Follow this clip, I try to find if there is small far away model but I can’t find any far away geometry.
(25) How to Fix Clipping and missing faces issues in Sketchup - YouTube

SKP Clipping Problem

Dell P2415Q.skp (10.3 MB)

Did you create this model? The issue is that it has been scaled incorrectly. The groups inside the component need to have their scale fixed. I’m in the process of fixing it for you. Would be easier if you were using components instead of groups.

Clipping actually happens when zooming in, not out…
Did you also try the other fixes suggested in the youtube video?

10.3mb for one monitor, not something I would be using.


Thank you Dave, I actually purchase this model from CG trader, original is FBX file and I import to SKP.

I scale to correct dimensions using Fredo Scale tool.

I agree with Box. If this monitor is to be used in an interior or somethng, it’s way too heavy.

Yes, I watch this clip and try. Mostly, this problem is caused by there is far away geometry and can be fixed by delete it. This case I cannot find so I ask to learn.

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As I wrote, the issue here is the problem with the scale of the groups.

I think if I’d purchased this model I would be requesting a refund.

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Thanks for reminding. I am actually building my collection library to use. Yes, if this file is too large it may not a good idea to have it in collection.

Problem may caused by this is not native SKP file. I import it from FBX.

After converting it to 2017 it’s 34,5MB and my old entry level laptop is struggling to open it!!

Thank you Dave, at least now I learn whre to check next. This model is 3D Max native, maybe it is not perfectly to be used in SKP.

Thank you for helping me this. I think this a bad model to be added to library. I try to find a better one. :slight_smile:

I’ll quit trying to fix this thing then.

FWIW, look at the back of the display with Hidden Geometry turned on. Way too many faces and edges devoted to something that will never be seen in the model, especially since it’s also painted black so no details will be present.

That’s kind of like burying solid gold sewer pipes under the streets. Lots of investment for no return.

This model behaves a litlle strange. I can zoom in very far if zooming in on the middle of the model. Zooming in on a corner looses the model immediatly and I have to click zoom extents twice before getting it back… After the first zoom extents all I see is the axes and the dimension?

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If you know how to make large model become workable size please let me know.

I try to explored group and use Skimp to reduce file size.
It seems to be better now.

Dell P2415Q Skimp2.skp (3.8 MB)

Skimp is probably the best bet. I would get rid of the Dell logos and the useless details such as the buttons, vents and other stuff on the back.

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Thank you ! Now I know I should check geometry density in monochrome mode.
Like you said because back face is black color when I check I cannot see this crazy density !!

Thanks a lot for your time to check it.

I think answer is Dave 1st comment. Problem may caused by wrong scaled.
When I import this model to SKP, dimension is not real scale so I use Fredo scale to make correct size.
Maybe there is conflict with group or component.

I’m sure @DaveR is correct!
I was just wondering why I had to zoom extends twice. I can’t recall having seen this before.

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There is something strange about the monitor. Haven’t worked out what is wrong yet.

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