Disappearing model


I have 2 issues I’m trying to solve:

  1. Would anyone have any advice on why the model disappears as I zoom in on it?

I imported model in blocks from AutoCAD.

  1. Also when I zoom extend the model disappears and become miniscule.

To try and solve this I copied and pasted model into new drawing in case there was another object in distance, but still having extents issue in new drawing.

Please see attached file.
Please see attached screen video.


The Zoom Extents issue usually occurs because a piece of text has got detached from the object it was linked to, and the object has later been deleted.

Do Zoom Extents, zoom in from there to where you can see the model, then do a L-R window tightly round the model. Cut it to clipboard, then Cmnd+A on Mac (or Ctrl+A on Windows) to Select All, and look in Entity Info to see if you have selected anything. If so, delete what’s left in the model.

Paste the clipboard back in to the original, or even a new model.

The other issue is called Clipping (search for the word in this forum) and may be fixed or much improved once you get rid of the remote text ‘at infinity’.

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There is a triangular face located almost 1,000,000 feet from the origin. Once you get rid of that via the operation @john_mcclenahan described, the model behaves properly. It is still somewhat “stiff”, though, because the Location terrain and snapshot are still pretty large compared to your drawing.

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Fantastic advice and all is well now. Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks very much that solved the issue. I deleted terrain and will set manual terrain to lessen the load.