Render only part of model

From time to time part of model is dissapearing. Is it a bug or a feature?

When you export 2d image, sketchup exports what’s on your screen. This glitch happens sometimes when you orbit. Zoom extend solves this. Then export…
Have fun with this fantastic software.

This the well known ‘clipping plane’ issue.

If occurs especially in non-perspective views.
Toggling between camera types can make it go away, albeit temporarily…

It is exacerbated by several issues.
Usually caused by enormous bounding boxes or poorly located objects…
Such as…
A model that is made with its contents miles from the origin [0,0,0]
A model that has most of its geometry located sensibly, BUT perhaps a tiny line or guide-point which is miles away from the origin.
A component that has an instance sensibly placed near the origin, BUT has its internal origin miles from its geometry.
A component that has an instance sensibly placed near the origin, and with a sensibly placed internal origin, BUT with a tiny piece of rogue geometry, guide-point etc miles from that - perhaps even not visible but still affecting the bounds.
Sometimes imported CAD blocks make poor components as their origins etc can be poorly set up.
Sometimes imported CAD blocks can have scaled contents, which although they look OK are actually x1000 bigger, and again this messes with the data-base’s bounds… e.g. a CAD window block made in ‘mm’ which is 2000mm wide, but added to a ‘meter’ DWG without appropriate cognizance of the original block’s units would be imported as 2000m wide, so then the CAD user might scale it down by x1/1000 so it appears 2m wide, BUT when imported into a SKP, although it looks OK [because it is scaled to suit], it is actually a 2km wide component definition - this WILL mess up as several of those placed in a model will make the bounds screwy !

Fix these modeling issues and it should not occur…

SketchUp is designed to model ‘building’ sized objects - joinery, doors, walls, houses, streets etc - it is not good with things miles from the origin - e.g. extremely large collections like cities - and conversely it doesn’t like very tiny objects either - e.g. a wristwatch’s innards with tiny facets/edges that are <1/1000"…

Hm. Surely user can screw up. Why can’t Sketchup be more smart and hide these “mile away objects” instead of something exactly near my point of view?

Why would you want a model full of hidden garbage?

It would make better sense if you were “more smart” and made an effort to work more carefully, continuously cleaning up after yourself as you work.


Sure, blaming user in software bugs is a way to go.

And asking users of “synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software” to be “more smart”.

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If you’re not going to work in a careful, systematic manner, you’re going to make a mess. Doesn’t matter if it’s SU or Tinkertoys or actual construction with real materials.

No software can make up for a worker who makes a mess and loses track of where the bits are strewn, and if that’s what you’re waiting for, you may as well settle in for a longish wait.


It” is camera clipping plane; an inherent feature of present day 3D computer graphics.

Here’s how to model smart and avoid camera clipping problems.
Clipping & Missing Faces — SketchUp Help

Neatness counts.

Thank you for tips, Geo!