I Love Sketchup!

It would be better (for you and us other forum members) if you would share the file and ask what is bothering you in one or more specific questions. I suspect some user errors that could be avoided /corrected very easily.
( Orbit / missing faces / etc. )

I reckon I know at least one issue here. I experience it all the time and it is particularly annoying until you know how to deal with it.
If you mouse scroll zoom into geometry (with no ‘background’ geometry behind it) particularly small ish geometry and the cursor is not over the actual geometry, SU just will snap past it and you end up in space some where.
Just select all and zoom selected (I have shortcuts set up for these ops)
It’s even worse when the model has caught the ‘clipping disease’

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I don’t know who invented it.
It had to be an idiot.

I’m not convinced, I need your model to be sure whether to agree with you or not.
(Or is it about the perpetuum mobile that’s running backwards?)

I love SketchUp too!

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But for a different reason I hope

What @bifterx said. It is very frustrating when you first import a dwg file into SU as there are only lines. Since zooming is done by distance relative to whatever the cursor is over, it’s hard to be EXACTLY over a line while you zoom. You almost always miss. It helps to find an overall view of your model that you like as a starting point and create a scene called something like “Modeling Home” and whenever you get lost, just hit that scene button. Zoom all can end up way far out if there’s some stray geometry off in the distance. If that’s happening, start looking for what’s causing it.

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Use SHIFT+Z man. Losing the geometry in the viewport while working with big geometries is common in every DCC software. Just ask for the solution.
Also, you can draw a big plane under your geometry, so when you zoom your geometry won’t lose.

I think it could have used some music, but was still entertaining.

There have been improvements even during this year in connection with orbiting in empty areas. Unfortunately, that does mean you would want to be up to date to get the later fixes. I don’t think there has ever been a case where a previous version of SketchUp was given a later version’s improvement, though there is a 17.3 that was to help Mac users cope with later Mac OS.

So, either use shift-z to recover your position, or think about updating from 2018 to 2020.

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This was released a few weeks before the release of 2018

Good to know, thanks. It was still unusual though, when there’s about to be a new major version people are concentrating on that release, it was good to update 2017. That particular update even helps Catalina users, nearly three years later.

It’s almost as if they knew it would be the last Make…:slight_smile:
Anyway, we always start with navigating session in our course, helps against frustration.