Can't use the scale tool to mirror objects (and can't find the post):(


Hello, I had put up a post about using the scale tool like I have used a million times before to mirror objects, and I got a lot of great answers, including one that showed me simply how to mirror the object, and then said that under the “context menu” their was even a menu for “flip” and object and then “flip along red axis”, “flip along green axis”, “flip along green axis”. Where the frell is this “context menu” that you are talking about? I can’t find it. And could you put the drawing back up, so I can see. Please, understand, I am only mad at myself for not bookmarking the thread.

You guys have been tremendously helpful!


The Context menu is opened by right clicking on something in the model space. It’s called the Context menu because the menu items change based on the context under which the menu is opened.

Your old post is here:Help with scaling part of an object


Just adding, you do have to do a double click / right to left select to highlight it entirely. Not just the face or edges. As if you were going to make it a component or group, in order to get the flip options in the menu…correct?


You have to have more than one entity selected to get Flip Along to appear in the Context menu. the exact options for Flip Along depend upon what is selected.


COOL, thanks…Peace…


Ooops. If I did it before selecting the whole group (but without making it into a group), or if I did it after making it into a group, the menu that I got was always the same, ThomThom’s Quadface Tools. I just have to laugh because selecting it and then right-clicking on it gave me the correct context menu with the “flip” option.


How did you find it? No, wait, I really don’t want to know. My mind is fried from the last three weeks. I pulled it up and bookmarked it. It turned out the problem was with the axis. They are all messed up. How they got that way, I have no idea; same model that I’ve scaled things and mirrored so many times before. That’s why I really messed up not bookmarking the original thread.


Probably should start over on this flip along thing when your brain isn’t fried.


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Context menu; (Windows) It’s the menu that pops up when you ‘right-click’ on any object. I believe it’s slightly different in the MAC world, there is no ‘right-click’, you use the ‘option’ key or something.


In the Mac world it varies depending on what Mac and what mouse you have (if any). On a single-button Apple mouse, you use ctrl-click to get the equivalent of right-click. On a track pad you can also use ctrl, but also a two-fingered click works. And, of course, if you have a two- or three-button mouse, it is just right-click.


Thanks Swami Box. How the enlightened ones do?