Flip tool does not work

Hi Everyone,

I have just started to use Sketchup recently, so I am still learning and I already encountered a very basic problem. I am trying to use the flip tool, which I fully understand how it should work. I have looked through various youtube and forum helps and it looks very straightforward. However whatever I do, the object does not flip at all. Regardless which axis I am trying to flip it to.

Anyone would have an idea why is this happening? I am tearing my hair out in frustration…

Thank you

Well i`ve figured I was doing it right actually but I was wanting to do the wrong thing.

(personally I use the scale tool and stretch in the direction I want it to flip, then type “-1” : I always get confused about which way I want to flip in what axis if I use the r-click menu item.)

If you need a lot of mirroring, maybe off-axis sometimes, you should have a look at TIGs mirror plugin.

Have group’s and component’s local axes displayed to see where you are going for single group or single component mirroring. The ‘Flip Along’ tool uses the local axes.
(Window > Model Info > Components > Component axes > Show component axes)

For basic geometry or larger (two or more entities) selections the ‘Flip Along’ tool uses the current drawing axes. So you can still set up your mirror very simple by (temporarily) changing the drawing axes. All basic if you like.

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I tried to understand why flip does not work sometimes. Long story short: there is a workaround.

If you select 2 objects [the one you want to be flipped and another one - in case there is no other one, you can simply duplicate the first one and delete it after], and with BOTH objects selected, you
can flip them the way you lilke.

There is a good tutorial about flipping objects in Sketchup:

For other people seeing this, if you have trouble flipping some objects in Sketchup, go to min. 4.42 to see the workaround. Also you could go and see the entire tutorial which is very good.