Flip along for newbie

I 've been trying for a couple of hours to get ‘Flip Along’ to work and it won’t. I’ve read endless tutorials and I am missing something stupidly simple. What is it please? Cheers Folks

Can you share your model so we can see what you are working with? It’s possible if the thing you are trying to flip is symmetrical, it would look like anything is happening.

Here are examples of the three flip along options for a component. In this case I’m flipping each instance of the component to make it mirrored from the first one at the lower left.

Thank you for responding Dave R.
Perhaps I’ll tell you exactly what I’m doing so that my mistake shows up:

Open New template - millimetres
Click space bar to get black arrow select tool
Click ‘R’ to get rectangle tool
Enter measurements in measurements box
Draw box over rectangle to select all
Right click to get context menu
Click ‘Flipalong’
Click ‘Red direction’
Nothing happens.

Oops missed a step :slight_smile: Draw rectangle

What are you expecting to see happen? A rectangle won’t appear any different if you flip it because it’s symmetrical. Add something to make it assymetrical.

I made the rectangle measurements 593,750 Dave?

Oh I see …well I have tried Blue and green axis…?

The dimensions of the rexctangle don’t matter in this case.

Same thing. With a simple rectangle it won’t appear that anything has happened. Again, what are you expecting to happen?

I want the rectangle to stand up 90 degrees Dave?

You’re thinking of flipping the bird.

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Well Flip Along just isn’t the right tool for that job. Use Rotate instead. Or draw it standing up in the first place. Flip Along is a mirroring operation.

well I want to build a cupboard and I actually added depth the the rectangle with Push/Pull …so then I want to copy that side…

Again, share your SketchUp file so we can see what you are doing. If I were modeling a cupboard I would start by drawing the bottom edge of the side panel on the ground plane and extruding that up to the height of the cabinet. Then I’d make it a component and use Move/Copy to make the opposite side. I would right click on the second copy and use Flip Along to mirror that copy.


I only added the marks on the top edge so it is evident that Flip Along did something.

Dave I have virtually nothing to copy…except a rectangle. But I see what you are telling me, and I shall follow your advice. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Cheers mate

that video is great dave. How did you get the measurements please?

Some time at the Campus might serve you well.

thank you Box

Following your advice Dave, I’m finally getting somewhere. Thank you
(btw I can see the measurements coming up in the M Box)

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