Flip Along Tool not working

Hi. I’m not that new to SketchUp, I’ve made several projects, and it seems like the Flip Tool just stopped working…

I try to Flip an object along Red, Green, Blue. Nothing happens, the object doesn’t budge, and there’s no error message.

This seemed to work perfectly fine in the past. No idea what’s up.


Can you share the SKP file with the thing you’re trying to flip?

Have you checked the local axis of the group or component, maybe the mirrored one is only far away?

Thanks DaveR, the file is attached below.
I’ve been trying to flip the circled pice (See screengrab) But it doesn’t appear to work for any piece.

174Church.zip (411.3 KB)

It’s opening now. Back in a moment.

It’s working for me. It would be difficult to tell if it is working or not unless you are looking at the group’s axes. I added some marks so it’s possible to see that the group has been flipped. What happens if you do that?

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Thanks Cotty, I didn’t see or could find where to check the groups “local axis”

You can see the group’s axes when you open it for editing as I demonstrated at the beginning of my GIF. You could display the axes by going to Window>Model Info>Components and ticking the box however that will display all of the axes and it’ll get rather cluttered.

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Oh, wild. – So I’m confused now, because what I was trying to do is mirroring. (To make that piece look like it’s opposite on the other side) I could have sworn that flip along axis was how I’ve achieved this many times in the past. - Do you know hat’s different this time?

It depends on the position of the geometry in relation to the axis.

Well, if your axes were aligned with the model axes while the geometry is angled, it would look like you are making the opposite side of the room. You could also select more than one group so you are flipping along the model axes instead of the group’s axes.

Here I exploded the group and remade it so its axes are aligned with the model axes. Note the huge bounding box.

Here I’ve selected two groups so the Flip Along is relative to the model axes, not a group’s axes.

You could also flip ungrouped geometry but it’s kind of dumb to explode a group for this and then remake the group.

Oh that’s very cool to know. Thank you! And that’s a neat trick grabbing a second group.

I didn’t realized that my group axes was not aligned the models Geometry. - I see what you mean now, the blue box surrounding the Group indicates how the axes is angled.

There are actually nine different Flip commands; three for multiple selections (more than one group or loose geometry, etc.), three for groups, and three for components. The three commands that are displayed is dependent on the selection. FWIW, you could just draw a temporary bit of geometry to select with the group or even select a guideline with the group before flipping.

The axis orientation is normally determined when you create the group. Considering where the axes are in that group, I expect you copied a group that was modeled on axis and shortened it to make this wall. then you rotated it into place.

Keep in mind that axis orientation can have an impact on how textures get applied when you edit the groups for that part of the modeling process.

Is this building being constructed from SIPs? It seems to be kind of an odd way to model a building in SketchUp.