Flip Along produces .stl file groups that won't print

I use Sketchup to create scale models for 3d printing.
I have been attempting to create a group by selecting an existing group and using the ‘Flip Along’ feature to create its mirror image. Typically the original would be mounted on the right side of the model with the flipped group being mounted on the left resulting in a symmetrical model. I then export the resulting model including both the original group and the flipped group into a .stl file to be printed using Chitubox ver 1.9. The original group prints just fine. The flipped group does not print at all and appears in Chitubox as blacked out.

Are there other steps I need to take to make the flipping process work? What am I missing?

Explode the flipped instance of the component and make a new component.

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So to make this brutally simple, I would flip my existing group, explode the result and then immediately make a group of the exploded parts. That’s it?

Yes. That simple.

The built in .stl exporter had/has an inbuilt flaw, it fails with mirrored geomtery. The simple workaround is as Dave said to explode and regroup.
The other option is to install the stl exporter extension written by the sketchup team that you’ll find in the E Warehouse, it does work with mirrored geometry. It adds a new export option in the file menu.