Flip or mirror how to

how do i flip or mirror an image

What kind of image?

just a triangle for example

I wish I understood why it is so difficult to get useful and clear information from you. Why does it have to be so hard to get you to clearly explain what you want to accomplish?

Is this a triangle you’ve drawn in SketchUp or is this a raster image you have imported?

Do you mean shape rather than image? That could be why it is puzzling @DaveR.

If so, you could right click and choose Flip Along or use Scale -1.

Thank you Simon,

I did not reply to that fellow as he seems to be arrogant, condescending and/or has a lack of understanding of the English language. I would prefer if he does not respond to my questions.

I am a retired engineer who started from scratch an engineering drafting company that became a world leader in its field. We were at the forefront of developing and using 3D modelling of steel structures in the 80’s. It is now international with a staff of several hundred. Recently I have taken up 3D modelling, using SketchUp, as a hobby by self-teaching myself with YouTube tutorials and your forum.

On another matter. I did not realise you would publish my user name (it should be alias) in the public domain. I could not find a way to change it on your site so asked and received a reply from Jody Gates. She suggested a link to change it but I could not find a button as she described. I sent her a screenshot of the link she gave me and asked where is that button. She has not replied.

How do I change my user name into an alias?


You’ve just insulted one of the most expert and helpful forum sages. He’s not a Sketchup employee, but spends a great deal of his own unpaid time being helpful.

I’m sure he won’t be offering you any more of his expertise, but an apology from you would be in order if you want others’ help on this forum.

Hi @Larrey, I don’t fully understand what got either of you triggered to this escalation, although up until now you still haven’t explained what you ment by image (or geometry?). Please don’t insult people here, staff nor volunteers.
Jody isn’t a she.