Putting text on face

I use Sketchup Make for woodworking, but I do not have Pro or Layout.

I’ve got a box modeled and plan to cut it out of 6mm Baltic Birch with a laser. I want to add my child’s name to one of box ends so that it will engrave when the panel is cut. I’m comfortable with dimensions and leader text, but I can’t figure out how to make the text an element of the face itself.

Is this possible?

I’d sincerely appreciate any suggestions or comments that you can offer.


You can do this with 3D Text. The text will come in as a component which you can position and then explode. Although the tool is called “3D Text” it will also make 2D text if you set it to not extrude the letters.

What process are you using to go from SketchUp to your laser? You may need to emboss the letters into the face to get them to be recognized.


Thank you. I’ll try that.

I’ve tried to download an extension to allow a svg export, but I cannot get it to work. So I’ve not solved that yet either. It looks like I might have to download Inkscape and start over in it.

Very respectfully,

Larry, if you had SU Pro instead, you could export a vector file that would get you there. Maybe Inkscape for the name would be easiest at the moment.

Even if you had pro and could export a vector of your text from SU, you’d probably find the text too faceted for the laser, you’ll more likely get a smoother path from a 2d graphic such as inkscape.

OK, I’m insane — I kept trying to download and install the extension and it finally worked. (I must have done something different that time, but I have no idea what.) So I can now export an SVG file from Sketchup.

So, onward and upward now trying to convert an SVG to RXF.

Thank you all for your ideas and support.

Very respectfully,