Is there any easy way to embed 3D text into a face?

Title kinda covers it.

3D text is just geometry. Right click on the text and choose unglue (text is set to glue by default). Then either bury the text in your object with the front face coplanar and explode it. Or scale the text through the target geometry and intersect to put the outline of the letters onto the face, then push pull.

Thanks Riley, I had no idea what unglue did, works perfectly.

Dave, I assume BoolTools2 is an extension, I’ll look for it and try it.

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BoolTools 2 is from

It is not free, but worth the license cost in my opinion.

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Gluing makes any Component stick to whatever surface it encounters. When set, you can move a component around on a face but can’t pull off of it or push into it. Components can be set to glue to vertical, or horizontal or any surface. In this case 3D text is set to glue by default under the assumption that you want to place it on top of a surface.

You must have done something to unglue it as pulling the face up would normally move the text up too.

Nope. Just opened the component/group for editing and pulled the face up with Push/Pull.

Of course after pulling the face up, I could have exploded the text component to raw geometry, cut that to the clipboard, opened the component for editing, pasted in place and then used Intersect Faces and erased the waste. Ain’t nobody got time for that! :smiley:

Ah yes, but if you place it on a face it will stick.

It is an interesting difference though, it sticks to the component, but not to the face within.

Indeed! I’ve leveraged that sort of thing many times.

I was able to get it done, I placed the text on the face the used Push-Pull to push it through, but it was a pain.

Glad you got it done. Sorry it was a pain, must be some missing step. There are several ways that work, here is one version.

I actually got it done before I asked the question, I just knew there had to be an easier way.

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Many people are caught out by the Anti Z-fighting feature of 3d text.
If you place flat 3d text, meaning filled but not extruded, on a face SU cleverly positions it just off the face to avoid z-fighting. The down side to this is it isn’t touching the face if you want it to intersect.
Whereas non filled text will intersect with the face it is placed on. (you still may need to run intersect sometimes).
You can see in the gif even after intersect faces it still hasn’t cut the face.

Text off face

You can also set the depth by using a negative extrusion.
Neg extrude

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Thanks Box, that’s really worth putting in my notebook.