Inverting 3D text for 3D printing

I can’t seem to find the trick to getting my 3D text below the surface instead of above the face. Normally it sticks up out of the model, I want to put it down into the model, below the face. I tried using a negative number for the height and that will put it below the surface and I can see the text but it’s filled in and just prints a flat surface, no text. I want a hollow text down inside the model.

Explode the 3D text and intersect the faces with the thing getting the text. Then delete the unneeded geometry nd correct the face orientation.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Make. You could use Bool Tools 2 to make the 3D text cut the letters into the object. Even though this is a hobby thing for you the small cost of the extension could be worthwhile.

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