3D Text issues

I am trying to add some 3D text to a model that is 6 mm thick. I would like the text to be “engraved” in the model. Aim is to give the model to a CNC shop to route out the model, with the engraved text. I cannot get Sketch Up to add a “negative” extrusion to the text so it goes into the model. The model is simply a series of triangles in a board, with each triangle being identified by a number. If I try to use the push/pull tool, the number simply disappears once it hits the surface of the model. It will not go into the model. I also ran into an issue with using the 3D text tool. It would simply state I could not place the 3D text component on the face of the model.

You need to down load and attach your model for us to be able to resolve the issue for you.
Sounds like a mixture of things, scale and multiple groups.

Here is a link to the model (I hope): SketchUp

There are a lot of guides in the model. I have kept them in for future reference. I am simply trying to put a number on each of the triangles that can be engraved into each of them.

No, that only allows us to view your model, that’s why I said download and attach.
But it does tell me that you have your faces reversed, which is probably the reason a negative extrusion doesn’t work, negative would be raised up from the back faces.
Try reversing your faces and try again.

Segments.skp (89.1 KB)
Here is the model. Not sure what you mean by “reversing the faces”. Thanks for helping out

Ok, got the faces reversed and will see if I can put a number in .

Segments (1).skp (77.7 KB)
Here is the model with one number in place. The number itself appears to be raised above the surface of the model, and is not on the face of the model and I cannot get it onto the face.

Seems to me part of the problem is you are working in Parallel Projection rather than Perspective.
This means you can’t really see that your guides and your number aren’t actually touching the face of your model.
You can turn off the guides, they will still be there and you can turn them on again latter if you want.
Your number has no face or extrusion. Use a filled extrusion with a - and place it on the face, then explode it and remove the top face.

Something like this.

Thanks for that. It all seemed to work. All the numbers are in. I need to add two engraved reference lines along the vertical centerline of each triangle - 1.5 mm in length, 1 mm wide, and 1.5 mm deep at the truncated apex and base of the triangles. Hopefully, the CNC shop can make this for me!
Segments (2).skp (157.3 KB)

Realistically you would be better off drawing this up in software that will output a 2d vector.
A sketchup model isn’t much use to the average cnc user, it will need to be converted to paths for the cutter and sketchup produces segmented curves. It is possible to output true arcs and circles, but I suspect that lettering won’t work with that option.

If I converted this file to .dwg or .dxf, would that help?

Well, sort of, but as I mentioned the numbers will most likely be segmented.

Ok, will have a look tomorrow. The CNC shop indicated they took .skp files, but that doesn’t mean they can it. Will send them a couple of versions and see what happens. Thanks very much for your help. Had no idea about the “explode” feature.