[Solved] Problems engraving text into model

I have just stated using Sketchup web and want to try to engrave text into a model but I cant seem to “push” the text into the model. I am making a cap to a battery and want the battery-model to be engraved in it. I have attached the drawing. what am I doing wrong? (I know the size of the model is to large for the battery but thats easy to ix.)

Plate til batterier.skp (500.3 KB)

Often the faces don’t get formed, there are “make face” plugins or you can retrace edges (as i did with “O”) or do as i did here draw a line across and then delete. The line forces the faces to form. The thicker line is often a clue that the the edge is independent.

You uploaded the STL file, not the SketchUp SKP file. But from looking at the STL file I suspect you are inadvertently trying to extrude thru something other than a single face. As @whiterabbitdesigncompany points out … if you can’t select the “face” of the letter you won’t be able extrude it.

Sorry, uploaded the file you wanted in the right format in the original post.

The lettering needs to be exploded for it to intersect with the surface, in this case twice(for some reason it is double wrapped).
So explode it until! the blue bounding box disappears, repair any holes and push. Best to remove the extruded parts of the S and P first as that will just cause problems when you push.

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Looks like @Box has already sent you an accurate response. The main problem was the text was in a group, which was inside of another group … what @Box referred to as “double wrapped.” Explode the text group (twice) … and you will be able to extrude each letter.Plate til batterier(2).skp (709.5 KB)

Thank you both of you.

Is there any way of seeing how far inn (preferable in mm) the engraved text is becoming?

Edit: did each letter individually and measured afterwards. Corrected some of them to make them all equal. Does it look good enaugh for you (still have to double check the outer diameters of the battery and adjust it?

Plate til batterier.skp (659.5 KB)

Yes, there is. When you push the first letter in, type the size you want to move it by. As you have your units set to mm, you can just type ‘3’ (without the quotes) and press return. If you type ‘3mm’ it will move 3mm regardless of your unit setting. You can type the size after the first click of push-pull or after the 2nd click.

The next time you use push-pull it should remember the size and if you double-click it will move it by the same amount. If it’s been ‘forgotten’ use inferencing to push them all in precisely the same amount. Hover the mouse over the first one you pushed to line them all up exactly. If you can’t see inside the object, there’s ways of doing that: x-ray mode, view back edges, section planes or hide faces to see inside.