Newbie Struggling!

Hello everyone. Apologies for my fist post on this forum being a cry for help but I am really struggling with one certain part of a model that I am trying to create.

I have a design that incorporates 3 x through holes for machine screws to go through but I can only create cylinders as opposed to an actual hole. Sorry if I’m not explaining that very well. I have used the push/pull tool oping that would do the trick but I still can’t get it.

Can anyone offer any help?Nemo Gender Bender.skp (1.2 MB)

Try triple-clicking the geometry and once it is all selected, RightClick > Intersect faces with Selection. Then trim away the edges and lines you don’t want. (You will have to do this to create a “cylinder” for the other one and do the same process).

Sorry, I don’t have time right now for any visual aids, maybe someone else can explain more thoroughly.

Here is an attempt to fix the solid, not sure if it’s exactly what you are looking for.
Nemo Gender Bender_20150408.skp (1.2 MB)

Wow. Thank you very much.That is exactly what I was trying to do. I have spent hours trying to figure that out.

I had a little more time.


Thanks again. That is a great help. Unfortunately I am stuck on something else now. I was attempting to place 3d text onto one of the sides and then push it in to make it appear engraved. I eventually managed to get the text onto the side face but it seemed to interface with the side and the whole thing moved when I used the push/pull feature.

Here’s another. If you have trouble selecting, you always have the outliner window to help.
This shows the selection, then explosion of the group and finally the push/pull.
Note that you can double click to repeat a push/pull distance.


In the 3D Text dialog, set it to not filled and not extruded.

Now go ahead and create the text and put it on the face into which you want to engrave it.

For this exercise, it’s good to work with profiles on so you can clearly see the distinction between dark profiles and light edges.

Now right-click the text object and click Explode. This has the effect of placing the raw geometry of the text right on the face, which is necessary to pushing it in. Now observe: you may see that most of the text is made of fine, light-colored edges. That means they have cut into the face, which is good. But you may see a couple or few places where the lines are dark, probably on closed internal loops like in a capital A or lower case e. These profile lines need some help in order to cut into the face. So, with the Line tool, trace over one segment, endpoint-to-endpoint, of a dark loop. That should fix it. Now fix them all.

When all the edges are light (fine), you can push the letters into the face. You can push the first letter to the depth you want, then double-click the rest to repeat the same depth.