Having Trouble Putting a Design Through A Curved Object/Engraving


Hello, I sort of have a list of question…

  1. I need help putting a hole right through a cup, but every time I do it I’m pretty sure I am not doing it right because it turns out like this.

    You can see what it is trying to write in the model.

  2. I need help engraving this symbol

    For some reason whenever I try It never worked.

  3. I remember hearing about everything needs to be intersected with faces or something to print properly…I am not sure, maybe I misheard, can someone please explain this to me, because nothing here is connected, its all just on top of each other.


I hope you realize that after cutting through the cup with the monogram the little piece at the intersection of the S and C is going to fall out, right (as shown in the following picture)?

Other than that, here is a procedure to try:



Thanks. And yea, I was trying to make those holes and say that oval thing was midair.


Plus, how did you make the the profile thing on the first step? did you estimate it or do something else? And when you extruded it how exactly did you do it becuase the symbol was on both sides of the cup


I traced your original bowl, combining the body of the bowl and the stem into a single profile. Notice, I could have made the bottom of the stem concave or recessed just by subtracting that from the profile.

I’m not sure what “it” is here. As for the logo/monogram, I copied the face from yours (cleaning it up in a few places). I extruded it only far enough to pass comfortably through one wall.

For one thing, as I mentioned, I didn’t plan to perform the same intersection four times (that’s the most error-prone operation), so I thought it made better sense to incline the thing so it passed more or less squarely through the wall of the cup instead of at an oblique angle as it did when you ran the same extrusion through both sides of the cup.

After intersecting the monogram with the quarter cup, I created a radial array of the quarter cup, restoring the other three quarters with the monogram pushed through.

Incidentally, when you refer to “engraving,” I generally take that to mean that some character or shape is recessed into a surface, not pushed all the way through. I guess I’m not sure whether that’s what you wanted to do. Although I could decidedly see all the way through yours, I guess I don’t know if that was deliberate. If you actually just want the monogram engraved, (pushed into but not through the surface) then obviously that little chunk won’t fall out.



Thanks for the help, unfortunalty I could not do it as you said, but I did some intersecting stuff and got just the symbol,

Lined it up with a plain cup and soften some circle edges and then exploded everything together and deleted the faces on both sides…took so long to do something so simple…


Any reason in particular why you couldn’t?

Um, doesn’t it bother you that two of the monograms are reversed when you pass a single extrusion all the way through the cup as you do?

Why wouldn’t you simply depress (recess) the monogram into the surface instead of all the way through? That way, the cup would actually function as a cup, and the piece of the monogram wouldn’t be left hanging in space.


So confused, sorry I am a high school student and don’t know much like most people in this board…

I changed what I did by having four things to extrude, the SC symbol didn’t overlap each other as it did last time, like it didn’t look like + that anymore, then I did one of those solid tool plugins and got only the SC all curved up Perfect to be exploded into another cup. So I alligned the SC part to a new cup, exploded it and deleted the front and back faces of each part (8 faces deleted in all), the two walls of the cup were connected and it said it is considered a solid, but yes the mid-Air piece does bug me, I don’t think it is possible to fix that though, I am not sure. Oh and this is actually supposed to be just 1 part of this one thing I am making, a pencil holder/plaque.