Making a heart

Hi guys

I am making a keychain for the other half…ahhh yes romantic!

what i want to do is make the underside spherical rather than a straight pull down. How would i go about this. I have attached what ive done so far.

thanks x

Heart Keyring.skp (170.8 KB)

See this


thanks mate, but im having trouble apply this to the heart shape

Are you really trying to make a sphere out of the heart? Or to give your heart a rounded shape? Are you thinking something like this?


What plugin did you use for this?

Soap bubble.

Thank you sir. I can see some interesting use for this.

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:+1: Super handy extension. Unfortunately the extension warehouse is down for maintenance right now, should be back this evening, assuming you are in Texas.

Oh that’s perfect buddy. Extensions down in uk too. Will download asap.

Will it stay solid as a shape?

Can I still pull a hole through for the key chain?

Thanking you

Yes, it’s down for just a bit, although I believe it should have been back by now, but will be shortly I’m sure.

Yes it’ll stay a solid and you can put a hole through it, I would model it at x1000 size to be sure you have no tiny faces issues. Do you want this shape on both sides or just one side with a flat side on the other? If on both sides the resulting shape will be tricky to print and will need some supports, assuming you are 3D printing this.

Something like this might be easier to print.

That’s lovely mate. How can I slightly round the edge at the bottom of the heart?

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Plenty of chamfering extensions like FredoCorner. But here is a quick native tools method.

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you have literally taught me so much in this thread. thankyou

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Personally I like Tig’s Extrusion tools for this sort of thing. And Fredo’s bezier to shape the curve. In this rather clumsy gif I have exaggerated the curve for effect.


fancy sending me that @Box hehehe

Would it be easy to keep as 2 halves so you could lay the flat side on the printer bed then just glue together after to avoid supports?


where do I get Tigs extruder from. Couldn’t see it in extensions

Sorry, I didn’t keep the model.
Yes two halves would work, but a lot depends on how you are printing.

Tig and Fredo have their extensions hosted at Sketchucation, free to join.
Extrude Tools
Bezier Spline
Libfredo Needed to run all fredo plugins.


Hi mate i have given this my best shot but its not solid and i cant figure out what we did differently?

Also why mine still shows the mesh?

If you get a min could you tell me how to fix this please?

thanks :slight_smile:

heart keychain.skp (422.6 KB)

I imagine @box is sleeping right now, I’m sure he will be back on very soon with some more excellent tips. There are a few problems with this file you posted. The two halves do not meet up exactly, so there are holes in your mesh. There are also still tiny edges here, the model you posted is only 1.7 meters across. I would model it at 170m across, using meters as mm. At this point now that you have joined the two halves and exploded everything it’s going to be very tedious to fix, or even to take the halves apart again. If you want to print halves separately and glue them together there is no need to ever make a whole version.

Let’s back up a bit. Regardless of what method you use to make the heart geometry, start with the heart half, modeled at 1000x and work on making that solid.

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