Pushing Text into part!

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I made the bottom part and saved it as Glow Bottom made a copy of it to make the top part
and then made the 3 D Text “Glow nect line Test” and tired to push the letters into the top part . . Only thing that would move with the Push Pull tool was the height of the top and I thought I had clicked on the TEXT to be the things pushed into the top . . Why will it not let me push the text INTO the top part ? Uploading…

I seen the Text being pushed into other items in my e-mails from here . . and this version does not seem to want to let me push them into the top

Upload the SKP file so we can see exactly what’s happening.

tried to before and here it is maybe Glowtop.skp (1.5 MB)

Must have been log jam before it up loaded this time

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WOW that looks easy . . .Will do that . . Thanks for that !

Saved the movie of this and will be doing it side by side in Wn 7-1 . . ( Slow learner some days )

Question there ! . . How did you get the letters to drop just clicking on them . . Oh yeah Letter “e” in “Text” in the video Gif file has same problem as what I had the small enclosed part at the top of the “e” did not stay up where it did on the letter “o” . . So I have to do the same to it right ? . . Actually took me several times of watching to catch the different tools in use . . Not as Easy as it looked LMAO . . After looking over the finish part I see I have to re make the Disk top part has a weird skirt looking thing . . seen it when rotating it to see edge wise . .

Once you have done a PushPull to a desired depth - either by picking a target or typing in a distance - then the next time you use PushPull in that session it remembers the last used dimension, so simple double clicking on a face PushPulls it the same depth…

As noted - some faces might not form during the intersection cutting, and some very tiny edges can be missed out so there is an incomplete loop to form a face.
If your Style is set to show Profiles heavier than other Edges it’s easier to see which edges haven’t cut the face.
Missing edges can be drawn and force an intersection.
Other non-cutting loops [usually ‘inner’ hole loops] can have an edge overdrawn to force a new face and a cut…

If you are going to 3d print make sure you triple check your model after doing this. I almost never have a clean 3d print ready engraving from text modeling so far. I finally figured out after months that edges that are too small get closed or distorted so you may have to look for the tiny edges and eliminate them. (Yes, I blow up my models at least 1000 times but this still happens).

Check out my post here for a good illustration of what happens almost every time you try to created engravings from text. It’s not hard to fix but took a long time for me to figure out what was happening.

Yeah I noticed that when I turned it over to see bottom cut outs . . Also got another question as to where is the spot to change the number of faces it has in the disk sides . . I found it once before and changed the number of faces to like 200 and it almost came out Round like I wanted it . .
Also I am getting a report from Scli3r that it fixed 78 errors with Auto fix on this part
glowbottom-part.stl (12.8 KB)
What is it fixing ? . . This is about a 2 inch disk about 1/8 inch thick for the bottom Glow in the dark stuff . .

Hi. For segment of a circle you type number you want followed by an “s”. (after clicking the circle tool)

Thanks will be trying that maybe this week end as got stuff to get done at Albert’s place he is moving into . . I thought when I retire I get to do things I wanted to do with out interruptions . . Also had to order upgrade to heated Bed parts so parts stay flat and on the bed . .