Help with 3D text

I would like to create 3D text that is smaller (thinner) at the top than the bottom memory.skp (1.3 MB) This will be 3D printed then used as a positive for casting in metal.
I can do it by using the ‘offset’ (in the tools menu) to make the tops of the letters smaller then re-joining to the bottom - but its a long winded way. Any easier way please?

You could try Curviloft. You would still need to offset the upper ‘taper’ but it should speed up the process by not having to ‘re-join’ everything. See example:

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Thank you Eric, I’ll have a look at it.

Fredo’s Joint Pushpull has the ability to pull all the letters in one go to a taper. Especially designed for what you describe.


Thank you , something else for me to play with :slight_smile:

Hi Box. When you get a chance can you post one of your awesome Gifs showing how to Joint Push and Pull+Taper at the same time? I don’t use the advanced options enough to have found it myself. thx!

with thanks for @Box!


I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this issue but I don’t see ‘Tapering’ as an option on my Extrude Joint Push Pull menu:

Click the orange arrows…

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Thanks @IanT and @mihai.s. Seriously I love Fredo’s Tools but don’t understand the UX/UI decisions. Can’t complain because it’s awesome and free!


I have to give up sleeping, all the exciting stuff happens then. Glad to see the boys got you sorted.


Thanks for all the replies guys, I’m sure from that lot I’ll be able to do it :slight_smile: