Sloped 3D Text

Can someone point me in a direction for modeling sloped 3d text. Attached is a example what I want to 3d print.

Thanks in advance

Make a box as a solid group and use Subtract to cut the 3D text.

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Use the 3D text tool. Model a wedge shape, and use the Substract tool to cut it out of the text.
…Dave, as always, was faster, and with an example too!

Dave and Anssi were faster, but mine has more color :wink:


Wow thanks for the quick response. Will help me a lot.

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Thanks for your response. I tried that but cleanup took me to long

less than 30 seconds…

It doesn’t have to take long. It helps to make the text taller than you need.

Cut face to clipboard Ctrl+X,
Open text component for editing.
Paste in place. (I have a keyboard shortcut for that.)
Intersect Faces.
Select and delete the unneeded bits.

There’s also Taper, part of Fredoscale.

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