Cutout letters on curved surface

I’d like to make something like the photo below in Sketchup 2015 using my own text. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I can think of several approaches. How much experience do you have using SketchUp?

Use 3D Text like a cookie cutter. That is, extrude the 3D text long enough to penetrate the dome, position the extrusion where you want to cut the dome and use the Intersect Faces command to do the cutting.


I have some experience with Sketchup and probably would say I’m somewhere between a novice and intermediate user. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I think I’ve tried this, but will give it another go. I seem to stumble after performing the intersection not knowing what to do next. Maybe you can provide a hint or two??? Thanks for your help!

Once you have intersected the geometry, select and delete the parts you don’t want.

I believe I’ve found one of my errors. It seems I have to be sure the original dome and the text I want to insert are both solids.

Here you go:


Not really.


Yes, thanks! I’ve followed these steps and am in the process of removing the unwanted geometry. For the most part it’s working well although there are a few places where too much is removed when I click on it. I’ll have to see if I can find where there are missing connections.

Thanks to all for the help! Below is what I was able to accomplish this evening. I think it’s going to work for me.

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The reason your dome looks so facety is you have softened it but not smoothed it. Observe in the following, unsmoothed then smoothed.


I was wondering what the Smooth command was as my what was drawn as round came out poly sided in the 3 D print . . Will try it and see what it looks like with next item
What happened to the Explode command could not find it to remove something from a different item I made and wanted to change . . I up graded to the newer version of 2016 Sketchup Make and now can’t find the Explode command . .

Explode will be present in the Context menu if you have selected a group or component. There’s no need to explode the group or component to make changes to it.

It’s where it’s always been.

Softening and smoothing are just for screen presentation. They don’t actually affect the geometry, which is one of the reasons that models made for 3D printing generally have more and smaller facets, i.e., more segments on arcs and curves, than those made for screen display or conventional printing.


So I have to make the number of segments more ie bigger number to get a better surface then right ?

I would use Fredos excellent plugin VisuHole in this case…

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Okay do I select all and unlock as I can not find a UN Group that is why I was using the Explode command . . Found it ( Explode ) again finally took awhile . . Will have to make a note of where it was . .
I only get to play with Sketchup Make now and then not an every day thing Wish I had the time LOL always more to get done in one day than there is time for . . I thought when retired I would have time for things . . GEEZ Seems to be I am having to do more now then when I was working . .

No! Just edit the group?

This looks interesting . . If I made the bottom of something 1 colour and the top another colour and did this with the letters would the bottom colour be visable ? . . Say a 7mm layer of yellow and a 7 mm layer of red and put the letters about 8 mm deep ( tall ) on the surface and pushed down into the surface like the above does . .