3D Text calligraphic font letters overlaping issue

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I am using sketchup to create cookie cutters to 3D print then. Most of my cookie cutters are going to have text in it and I have no issue with font with “no touching” letters but as soon as I use a more calligraphic font where letters overlap on each other it’s a nightmare.

My questions is, do you have a trick to merge the letters together? Outer Shell doesn’t work because it says it’s not a solid. I tried to manually delete and redesign the letters and merge them but 1 it takes ages and 2 it says it’s not a solid…I tried Solid inspector but it can’t fix it automatically. I tried Clean up but nothing is fixed.

Can anyone help me point out what I am doing wrong and tell me if there a easier way to do it?

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tuvasetrepapa.skp (326.0 KB)

Learn about Groups, geometry (edges, faces) and face orientation.

Thanks this helps a lot!

What about a better way to merge my font in the first place?

How would you get rid of this 2 “tails” ? :

You might try CleanUp3 in addition to Solid Inspector.

Or manually erase the unneeded edges.

It might be easier to get the lettering done in 2d then extrude to your plate.

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Nice! It seems a lot easier this way indeed! Thanks

Tried cleanup but didn’t help :frowning:

Try CleanUp on the 2D text and make sure you have it delete coplanar edges.

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I always start with text in 2D if redesigning a font is needed. Loading another, more appropriate font from one of the font sites saves time also. For simple joins such as this, use “intersect faces” (with hidden geometry showing), then delete the unwanted edges with x-ray on, or maybe delete a face which you can put back. There should not be any face issues, and you don’t have to be super diligent at erasing the unwanted bits as you can use Solid Inspector 2 to purge any lines you miss.

Do you have a specific site for font you recommend? I usually go on Dafont…
Thanks for the 2D trick!

I have a library of out of the ordinary fonts purchased over time from the designers, but apart from that my search is “font specific” as not all fonts are available in all locations, and there are sometimes close variants which are often free. I find Google Fonts is quite good.

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Delete them. That’s all you have to do. They are just overlapping geometry and once the letters are touching those parts can simply and easily go away. Just delete that’s it.