How do I cut out text

I am trying, without success, to cut out text from a model. I have tried creating the text and then exploding it, using push/pull but it seems to just show the text on the reverse side but no “hole”.
Any suggestions please

add an image or a skp…

Interesting … using filled text in SketchUp 8 works fine, but not in 2015. However, simply place unfilled text on the surface, explode, and then use the push/pull tool. Once you have one letter extruded (intruded?) the amount you want, double-click each of the next letters and they will intrude the same amount.

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John is quite right, we need more info to give you an accurate answer. There are many ways to do this, solid tools, intersect faces, explode in correct position and delete, paste in place and extrude…

Here it is in it’s most basic form.
Using 3Dtext positioned accurately to the face and exploded.

One important thing to note about the 3d text tool. If you use unextruded text it positions it very slightly off the face to avoid z-fighting. This consequently stops it intersecting with the face it appears to be sitting on. Extuded text on the other hand is placed on the face.

Jim posted as I typed.


I have a vague recollection that a standoff was added for filled text to stop z-fighting at some point since v8…

EDIT: oops. just read the end of @box post which says similar…

I want to cut out text so that if you hold up the model after printing, the text is through the piece, not just really deep or extending through the other side. Like, you hold it up towards the sun and look through it and go blind.

Videos above are very helpful for engraving, but not cutting out.

You could make the text flat (extrusion of 0) and place it on the face. Explode the text component and use Push/Pull to push the letters through and out the back.

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That didn’t work either, but it gave me an idea that actually did work. I drew the base, in this case a circle, then placed the letters with zero extrusion. I pulled the front face to the desired size, flipped around to the back, exploded the text, then deleted the body of the letters. Worked well.

What didn’t work?

It sounds like a bunch of extra work but if it gave you the result you want…

If you use filled letters, they will be placed about 0.01" above the surface.

Try using non-filled letters and then exploding them on the surface.