Absolute beginner - trying to cut out 3d text from box

I am an absolute beginner and all of the tutorials I find online seem to be for the downloaded (or previous) online version. I am using the free online version.

After a couple of hours of playing around, I created my first box and took out the middle of it. For my first project I’m hoping to add my daughter’s name to the box and 3d print it into a jewelry type box.

My question is - how do I get the text to remove (sorry for lack of terminology) stuff from that face of my box? I don’t want it sticking out at all and want to “cut out” about half the depth of the face it’s on. I do not want to cut all the way through.

Select everything ( drag marquee around all) and then “intersect geometry with model/selection”. Once its all intersected you can “weed out” delete the parts you don’t need, OR PUSH/PULL. You will need to “unglue” the text first so you can push it back thru the box face, make sure it goes all the way through if you want it fully cut out, or you could just inset it a bit.

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You, kind stranger, are an absolute hero. Thank you so much!


You’re welcome.
One other tip, when you use the push pull tool to get the desired depth of the letters, (providing you don’t use another tool) you can then “double click” the push pull tool on subsequent operations to get the same depth as it previously used, as it holds that info in memory.
If your daughter’s name has an “O” or “b” etc, going all the way through will cause the center of the letter to fall out when printing, so you might have to add some connective parts to hold it in place or use a stencil font.

Hi again,

I have gone through this about 10 times and I think I’m missing something.

I have:
Unglued the text, moved the text so it’s barely inside the outside wall, selected EVERYTHING and did intersect on model, and that’s where I can’t see what you did to make the text go flush with the border wall. At this point my text is still extruding the wall.

Did you double-click or select on something for that step?

select the text after intersecting and delete it. Then proceed from there. Push pull the letter faces into the box wall.
You will notice that the letter’s centers sometimes do not make a face (as in this) usually tracing on one of the lines will force it to make a face, in this instance it doesn’t. It’s a peculiarity, but just draw a line across the whole part and it should force it to work, then delete the unwanted lines.

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