Push Pull Text Help


Can anybody direct me to the tool that would allow me to take this full text and push it through the model and then delete the text to make the letters look like a stencil on the square that the text is on?Butchs Tackle Sign.skp (441.4 KB)


There were some things odd about your model, but see if the attached file is what you wanted.

Butchs Tackle Sign.skp (597.6 KB)


Perfect, thanks so much!! So how did you get it to push through and then delete the 3D Text to make the stencil part?


There are a few ways to do this and the most basic is to use intersect faces to create the edges of the lettering on the face.
One thing to know, 3d lettering is a ‘Glue to’ Component which means it sticks to the face you place it on and will move with it. This is very useful but not in this case so, ‘unglue’ it.
Then use ‘Intersect face with Model’ on the face of your sign. This will trace the lettering.
Move the text away to see what you have. Not the thicker lines around part of the B, this means it hasn’t intersected fully. Select all of it and ‘intersect with selection’ usually this will clean up any bit’s that have cut properly (but not always).
Now you can pull or push to your hearts content.
If you want the lettering to be a hole right through then it would be easier to delete the bottom face and just pull up to thickness.


Box has explained some of the difficulties, but I solved the problem in a different way. I went into the component and did a push/pull downwards, to make the letters extend through the other shape. When editing components you can hide the rest of the model, which made it easier to do the pull downward.

I did the intersects with model step, but did have to heal the lines in the b, a, and e.

Box’s method is better in that he ended up with something that could be 3D printed. In my one those three parts I had to heal would be floating, not connected to anything.


Thank you both very much!! Very helpful and thorough explanations that will no doubt help me in the future as well.