Putting text on a solid face doesn't stay there

I’m having a problem with text upon a face. For example: There are two rectangles that have been ‘pushed’ to a depth of 1/2" representing two small switches. On the face I typed in few characters to put at the top of three spade solder connectors. I then select all and make it into a component. The problem is that when I ‘rotate’ it only the solid rectangles move. The 2D text just stays on the screen where it was originally put.
So is there a way to put text on the face of an object and have it stick where it was placed?

Screen text isn’t intended for that sort of use. Use 3D text instead. It doesn’t have to be 3D. Untick the box for extrusion if you want it to be flat.

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Or use one of the FlatText plugins - variously free, Lite or Pro - from the Extension Warehouse. That puts editable text in a simple non-extruded format on the face.

The free version is a little tricky to use. Depending on how often you use it, you might find the Pro version worth paying for - it isn’t expensive.

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