Recurring problems laying text on top of rectangle (Face holes & Surface borders)

Almost everytime I add text to a volume, it ends up in face holes or surface borders, which have to resolved if I want to 3D print. Yet, when I do, I make sure it says “On face” when I lay it on the surface and it visually looks like it is right there. Once the position and dimensions are right, I explode the nested instance (because solid inspector complains about it, and also because sometimes I have to slightly modify certain characters so they print better) in which the text is and there I am with the Face holes and surface borders :frowning: as seen in the first picture. And on the second picture, you can see that, indeed, the characters do not really look like they are in line with the top surface of my rectangle.

Other details:

  • the characters are always in inverted face. Q: Why? and Q: Can it be avoided?
  • I tried in bigger dimensions (a common problem solver for sketchup), but no difference.
  • I know it tends to be better when I generate extruded text, but for what I want to do, I prefer flat text, so I can later decide how to extrude it.
  • Also: Text sometimes appears in the wrong orientation. Other than rotating my model first, is there a way to choose the orientation from scratch?
  • It goes slightly better when I apply pre-extruded text (see 3rd picture), but when I explode, I have to close all the inside faces. Why am I having so much trouble generating text? I must obviously be doing something wrong.

When you use un-extruded text the letters are placed a fraction above the face to avoid z-fighting.
You’ll get better results by using extruded text and intersecting it.
You can even use a - insertion point so the lettering is guaranteed to pass through the face.

Thanks for the quick reply. Your tip on using insertion points seems to be working well.

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