Placing Text On Face


Hi, apologies if this has been covered before.

I’ve noticed that when I place text onto a flat surface there is a slight gap between the the two objects. Is it possible to ‘merge’ the text and the flat surface as opposed to having the text slightly off the face?

Cheers, Ciaran.


Hi Ciaran,
3D Text is suppose to glue to a flat surface.
After you notice this gap, are you able to then force it to move and be flat on the face?
If you want to merge the two, you can ‘explode’ the text grouping to merge with any ungrouped geometry that is touching it.

If you can, upload your file and we can take a look around to see if there’s other factors.


I presume you mean 3D Text.

3D Text that is extruded to some depth is placed directly on the face. 3D Text that is not extruded is placed a short distance away from the face to avoid z-fighting.

If you have zero thickness (not extruded) 3D Text you’d like to smack flat against the face–z-fightinhg or no–right-click it, select “unglue,” then use the Move tool to move a point on the face of the text to a point on the face.