Prob with text

I’m using SketchUp Shop and have a bit of a problem with the text ;
When I insert some, I choose where to put it, type my text, but then when I move around, the text just stays in the same place on the screen!
See video for more clarity :

Could you please help me ? Thanks !

You’ve added screen text. It’s supposed to do that.

The Text tool can create either Screen text (which your use of it has made) or text attached to an object.

When creating the text, make sure the mouse pointer has picked up an inference to a point, edge or face on the object you are trying to attach the text to, before you click to position it.

It sometimes doesn’t want to, and you get screen text (fixed to screen position) instead.

OK, I’ll try that.

I see, I didn’t know you had to fix it to an object.
Thanks for your (quick) help !

Yes. You need to anchor it to something in the model.

Yep, thanks.