Text Scene

How does one add text to a sketchup model in a scene as shown in this attachment.

It’s probably just text with a hidden leader.
You can attach text to some geometry, then in entity info hide the leader, you can delete to original geometry and the text will remain. (although text with deleted geometry has been know to cause issues.)
Normal screentext ‘sticks’ on screen, but a leader text won’t move with the camera and will stay in the scene in which you placed it.
No doubt there are other ways to do this. This’s just my guess.

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Png’s of text imported in a style can be used as watermarks, too.
The position would be independent from the camera.

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Most likely you showed screen text in that image taken from the current scene.

How to create?:

  • use the native ‘Text’ tool
  • click on an empty location on your screen to “attache” new screen text to that screen location
  • type your (multy line) text
  • click on another location on screen to end the input.

Now your screen text (nothing with a (hidden or not) leader can be changed, moved, resized, colored, accept a different assigned layer (for it to show up in certain scenes or not), etc.

Screen text should always be in the top level environment (not inside any group or component) to work properly.

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