Text that stays in one scene only

I have created several static scenes generated by Tags in a cabinet project. Doors, Face Frames, Carcasses, Drawers, Hardware etc. When I add text to a scene with or without a leader. The text is visible in all of my scenes. looking for some advice to be able to add text in these scenes and have it stay in that scene only. I don’t want to use tags for this as I don’t want to have a lot of tags and the other items that are tagged for this scene are in other scenes. Thanks

If you don’t want to use tags to control the visibility of the text, you could hide the text so it’s only visible in the one scene. Since you are using SketchUp Pro, why not add the text in LayOut instead? Then you don’t need to concern yourself with whether it shows in the scenes in SketchUp. The text will look better and more professional and you’ll have much more control over its appearance.

Hi DaveR,

Thanks for your speedy reply! I am using an extension called Open Cut List (OCL) and all my Sketchup work reports to this via Scenes. I think that your solution of hiding sounds great assuming that it would be a set it and forget solution as opposed to toggling something on each scene. Could you explain how that works? Thanks

One of the numerous reasons I prefer a different cutlist extension.

That’s going to depend on how you are doing your model and when you are creating the text and the scenes. If you hide the text before you create the scenes, it should stay hidden until you unhide it. Might be helpful to create groups or components to hold the text and give them useful names so they can easily be identified in Outliner.

The whole things sounds like a lot more work than I’d want to do, though.

Thanks again DaveR.

I just tried a test text, went to another scene and the text was there. I hid the text on that scene and it stayed on the original scene. Super simple and doable. :+1:t2:

For anyone else looking for a solution to this problem. I spoke too soon. The added Text will be in every scene. you can hide it but as soon as you go to another screen and back it will be unhid again…

If you don’t update the scene.

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As Anssi says, if you don’t update the scene after making the change you’ll lose the change.

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Thanks Guys, I am finally getting the hang of it! :grinning:

with regards to hiding, there is three different kinds of geometry:

  • geometry within a group (geometry)
  • groups and components (objects)
  • top level geometry. Thats ungrouped geometry. lines, text, and so on.

These hide differently. - geometry within a group gets hidden in every scene, as sketchup just assumes you never want to see this geometry.
Grouped geometry is hidden per scene. Thats the case for top level geometry also, but you have to have top level geometry selected in your scene as a separate tick off box to hide this per scene.

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