SU scene perfect, Layout showing entire Tag including items hidden in Outliner?

Controlling visibility in Outliner and making scenes. Layout displays the scenes, but with all entities assigned to the selected Tag(s) visible. I could just use Tags for visibility but thinking I am missing something with the 2020 focus on using Outliner for controlling visibility…

Can you share the .skp?

Are your scenes updated to not show the hidden objects?

My preference is still to use tags to control the visibility of objects. I did try setting up a model with certain objects hidden and it worked fine.

Of course! One checkbox and it works fine. I had not updated the hidden objects checkbox.

Thank you!

Ultimately I made a bunch of Tags. Much easier to fiddle with in Layout. The eyeballs do make toggling visibility easier but I have not yet figured out where this improved feature is a slam dunk to use. I was never hiding groups or components too often and it was easy enough with a right click. The eyeballs sort of confuse the nice hierarchical view. Is there a way to toggle off the eyeballs!? I would like that!!

Still, the mystery was solved and it works perfectly.

Thanks again.

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I’ve always preferred using Hide in SketchUp as a temporary thing to get objects out of my way while I’m working. For controlling visibility of objects for scenes, I’ve always preferred using Layer, now Tags. The cool thing now is that you can use a single scene from SketchUp for multiple stacked viewports and control what you are showing by setting the visible tags in LO along with adjusting the style.

Not really a thing I would normally do with a model like this but I already had the file open. One scene in SketchUp with all objects showing.

In LO, I’ve copied and stacked the viewport. I made the lid parts invisible in the lower viewport and in the upper one, I displayed only the lid parts and changed the style to wireframe.

Happy you got things working.

Very cool!

Good day. I am wondering if you might know a way to drop this pattern UNDER adriveway that has some undulations. I need to get the surface of these pavers at various specific elevations per a grading plan. I can put then in place and generally angle them all at once but then things get mighty inefficient positioning individual pavers 1 at a time…

Any ideas appreciated!

Pattern To Cover Driveway.skp (412.6 KB)

Hi Doug, I’m on my phone at the moment so I can’t look at your file but you might have a look at some extensions like Smart Drop which is available from Sketchucation that will drop objects onto a mesh surface.

Will do. Thanks!

Doug, been considering this same question and I think I can see the use of Tags for version visibility. I work a lot in cabinet and furniture design and can get upwards of 10 iterations. Seems like controlling visibility for the small part groups might end up being done in the outliner and Version A-M will all have their own Tag that I can quickly turn on and off when it comes time for setting scenes. Also means I can turn off any rejected designs so they don’t bog down the system and yet they remain there in case the client goes back to it.