Help with the hide tool scenes


I am creating scenes and some scenes i want to hide certain objects. When i go to a previous scene the object has gone. When i am in a scene that i want to hide an object i press update scene and save. Can someone tell me how i can hide objects in a scene but for then to be visable in another scene. Also if i want to return to a scene and amend a section pane how do i do that? i open scene go to styles press to view section planes and there are hundreds. Could someone help me please??

You should be using tags to hide objects you don’t want to see in different scenes. Then you can easily control what is visible in each scene via the Tags panel.

Ahhhh yes - i knew that!!! Thank you again Dave I need to know more about sction planes and how they work. Can you recommend a really good tutorial site for me please?

I’d start with the tutorials at