Scenes does't seem to hold its defaults


Strange but I have this problem that keeps coming back.

At first I noticed it in Lay-out and after a while I find out that it is sketchup itself.

I make a scene of a model. And a second scene of the same model, but here I hide for instance the countertop from a kitchen group. (Sure I work whit tags but this is not always a faster way for me). When I save this second scene, (and I update it’s different style also which I found is very annoying to do over en over again),… the countertop is also hidden in the first scene. This is new for me. What could it be that is causing this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Greeting Dion

Check in the Scenes tray that your scenes are set to save all the features you want saved. It sounds to me that Tags, Hidden objects or hidden geometry is unchecked.

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I do. But a previous saved scene can not change by itself while another scene is adjusted. That’s the strange part.

Upload your drawing.

Seems the thing to do, and I did. Saved all the scenes. Even updated them in Styles. Saves the hole file. Serval times to be sure, and still… I also did a reset in Warning messages.

I meant let us see your drawing file.

So try to hide the top op the countertop in one scene, save it, and look at the other sceces. The top is gone.

Tried it over and over again. Also some section cuts don’t seem to ‘hold’ when I return to that scene. If you look at scene one, your probably look to the outside wall. You should look to the inside of the house.

Without looking too deep, improper tag usage may very well be the cause of the issue. The untagged should always be checked when drawing etc. Only put groups and components on tags, not loose geometry.

Exactly. The countertop is loose geometry inside a group, When you use Hide to hide faces and edges inside a group, the operation works globally and wont be saved per scene. As the loose edges and faces are on a tag other than Untagged, turning off their layer, sort of, works. IMO the countertop ought to be a group by itself. All edges and faces in the model should be untagged, and only groups and components ought to be assigned to tags.

This seems very logic and I will do so. However I did not have this problem before. Plus, how come the section cuts also does not hold? Something very strange with this file I think.
Thank you both, and for me a lesson to work even more in tags and groups.

Yes, there is, it does not play well when switching scenes or loading. Again due to the tag issue. Small problems tend to not show but as they multiply the processing gets confused.

Thanks. Another reason to make more tags/groups/components so it plays faster…

It’s amazing how much better it works when you use it correctly. :wink: