While changing scenes objects get deleted or not visible even after show "hidden objects" is enabled

the problem here is while modelling I created the scene (scene 1), in which using tags I hide some objects and then continued working and then created another scene (scene2), now when I go back to that scene (scene 1) and then to other scenes or continue modelling, im not able to see those hidden objects even when the tag is on unhide mode.

Can you share the file? Otherwise we can only guess what could be going on.

You can hide an object and also hide a tag. Both are different.
If you hide objects you don’t see it although their tags are unhide.
The scene save those setting separately…

could you please elaborate?

would have shared but its not uploading in here

Probably too large to upload directly. Upload it to DropBox or WeTransfer and share the link.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your forum profile shows Free Plan 2021 but there is no such version. What operating system? The numbers you answered that question with mean nothing.And what is the graphics card? Please correct your profile.

Those are the diferences between both options

thanks got it.

made profile in urgency. surely gonna correct it.