Outliner & Scenes

Hi guys!

I made an awesome project for my custumer. But she wants to see another other posibilitys for her kitchen. So in outliner I hide the old kitchen and draw a new one. So far everything is ok.

But I made like 40 scenes in this project and now it seems like I have to go to every scene and hide/unhide this kitchens. Is there any posibility to hide/unhide a group/component in every scenes at once with outliner?

Thanks for the support!

What you want to do is best done with scenes.

You could hide the objects you don’t want to show and then in the Scenes panel, select the scenes you want to update, click the Update button and deselect all but the box for Hidden Objects.
Screenshot - 11_30_2020 , 8_50_04 AM

You should be using tags to control object visibility, though.


Thanks for the quick replys and helping guys. It works out for me! Didn’t know I can update multiple scenes at once. Many thanks!

Maybe this can also be useful:
Eneroth Scene Visibility