Having trouble tracking hidden/unhidden groups across scenes



So I am currently trying to set up multiple scenes of a large cabinet unit. I am setting up the scenes with different dimensions and hidden groups, but then when I go to scroll back through the scenes there will be certain group selections that track through like I set them up and others will stay in their current visibility instead.

I am a new user and haven’t gotten into layers yet, is this my next frontier? Or is there something I could be doing to make just scenes and groups work for me?

Thanks in advance!


Yes - use Layers for visibility.

Assign a Layer to each Group, then use the Layer visibility property of the Scene to control what Layers are visible and hidden per Scene.


@nfrieswyk, as Jim suggested, use layers (assigned to groups and components, not to basic geometry) to controle visibility of parts of your model.

‘Hide’ is for temporarily getting geometry out of your way.
Hidden objects may be saved per scene but nested groups and components do not have ‘Hide’ saved properly in scenes.


Awesome, thanks Jim!

I figured as much as I’m reading about it now, just wanted to confirm with the forums.

Appreciate it.