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Can you make a group into a scene? So when click on the group and go into this group and hide all other items, I just see this group. Can I save it as a scene.
I have tried to save it but it will not. I have update all the properties in the scene, but still it will not save this scene.

Or is there a hide all other function? So you highlight the group you want and hide all other items? Then create scene.


Try… >View >Component Edit >Hide Rest of Model… (or, perhaps >Hide Similar Components).

There’s no new Scene creation involved with this, but after trying it, I’m not sure if you’ll still want that, or not?

Please report back on how things go.


I think you could do it if you assign specific groups to specific layers, then you can save scenes with only those specific layers on.

Unfortunately Sketchup’s Layers act more like Tags and not layers in the photoshop sense.


Hi Jim thanks for the quick response.

I did do hide of rest of model. But Sketchup will not allow me to then capture it as a scene.
Is this right?


Hide rest of model only comes into play when you open a group or component for editing. It can’t be used in conjunction with scenes to control the visibility of specific elements in the model. As was already mentioned, assign groups to different layers and then turn off the visibility for layers you don’t want to display. Then create your scene.

It kind of sounds like you are missing some fundamentals. Groups and components are containers of entities–usually edges and faces, layers are used to control the visibility of groups and components, scenes can be thought of as views of the model. If you don’t want to see certain parts of the model in a given view, turn the layer visibility for those parts off so they can’t be seen.


Thanks, yep thought so. Have to use layers to hide rest of model.


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