Whole model invisible after deleting Scenes

I started a model. Saved Groups and Components Mossvägen 190b.skp (882.3 KB) in both Layers and Outliner. Also saved some scenes.
Later I deleted the model I had done and made a new model - in the same SU file. The old scenes sat there until I was ready to make new ones. Instead of re-using the scenes I decided to delete them. This is where the problem is! When deleting the old scenes my latest model went invisible. All Layers and Outlines can be seen in the lists, all properties are there, but I can’t see anything.

I have not used Hide command for any of my Groups or Components.

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It looks like a problem with layers. Try to have all raw geometry in layer 0 and that should be always ON in all the scenes. The geometry could be make into group/components and those group or components are the one to be put in different layers.

Hi Jonas,

You’re using layers incorrectly.
This process will correct the problem:
• Open the Layers Manager and delete all extra layers until only the Default Layer 0 remains.
• As you delete each layer, you’ll see a pop up window. Select: Move contents to Default layer

These learning resources will help you understand how things work…

Layers in SketchUp serve just one purpose. They control visibility and nothing more.
See this help article to learn how to properly use layers in SketchUp.
Does SketchUp Support Layers? — SketchUp Help

Groups and Components are ‘containers’ used to isolate geometry.
Groups and Components — SketchUp Video

The Outliner is used to view your Group and Component hierarchies as a hierarchical tree.
Outliner — SketchUp Help

Scenes are used to save camera views, as well as several additional properties.
What can I use Scenes for? — SketchUp Help

Thank you for quick replies!
I deleted all Layers (except 0 of course) but still the model does not show. Groups and Components are now linked to Layer 0 as they should be.

I just downloaded and opened the model from your first post and there is a house and a bunch of functioning scenes.
Yes the layers are not done correctly, but otherwise it seems to work.

Is this what you expect to see but can’t?

Sorry, no, I uploaded the wrong file!
Here is the correct (faulty) file:
MHM 180 1b.zip (1.4 MB)

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Your scene is miles away from the origin. Zoon in and your model is there.
Shortcut is zoom extents!

I automatically hit Zoom Extents when I opened it and have been looking around wondering what it was you couldn’t see.

Thank you!
How stupid of me. But then again, why did the system zoom out when I deleted the Scenes?

No need to reply to this one. ■■■■ just happened.


Among the things remembered by scenes are the camera parameters. When you deleted the scenes, SketchUp reverted to a default camera that wasn’t looking at your model because the model was far away from the origin.

Thank you Steve, Antonio and everybody! Very helpful, indeed!