Parts Disappearing

Parts of my model have been disappearing on me several times in this file. Somehow I am deleting or things are disappearing in my model, even though the “In Model” components show the parts still in the file. I have never had this happen before and I don’t believe that I am doing anything different. My concern is in the layers. Currently the base cabinet was grouped together and everything was made into components, but when I was changing scenes, the base cabinet disappears and then was not available in any other scenes. This problem does seem to occur when I am changing scenes now that I think of it. I have also set some shortcuts for the Paralell and Perspective Cameras to Control + P and Shift + P. This problem was happing before I created these shortcuts however, so I don’t think it is a problem. Currently, the base cabinet group still has a bounding box, but the only thing in it is the top of the cabinet.

Hise Vanity Cabinet.skp (254.9 KB)

You’ve been hiding parts of your model.

You’ll need to get in there and start unhiding things.

Use Outliner to access and unhide the components. The ones shown in gray are hidden.

You seem to have a lot more layers than you should need for no more model than you have. Almost half of them are not used.

How did you see the hidden components? I have been hitting “unhide all” and nothing has been happening. Is there any way switching scenes could cause things to hide

I made the hidden geometry visible by ticking Hidden Geometry in the View menu.

Since the hidden components are inside a group, you would need to have the group open for editing before Unhide would work on them. Outliner makes it easy to see what is hidden and access it for unhiding.

Although Hide can be used with scenes, it isn’t advisable to use it that way. Proper layer usage is a better way to manage what is visible and what isn’t in your scenes.

FWIW, you seem to have two countertop components almost sharing the exact same location. Is that intentional?

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Well the rabbit hole gets deep sometimes. I had been looking for my Outliner, but it was buried in the bottom of my second monitor, which I didn’t know it could leave the open SketchUp screen boundaries. Apparently it can in Mac Mojave. No the countertop duplication was not intentional, but one of the results of things disappearing on me. Somehow I must be making things hide in the groups unintentionally. I have just started making groups and putting them on their own layers because it helps hiding objects that are in the way. Thank you for the help, I have never had to use the “hidden geometry” view before.

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What did you purge or how did you purge in the screenshot?

Those utility panels like Outliner can all be moved off to a second display. Not unique to Mojave.

Hiding components and groups is a useful temporary thing but it really is only meant to be used that way.

Having a little deeper look at your model. I see some ways you could improve the efficiency and I noticed a problem with the base trim at the end. The geometry has been drawn off axis in the component and it isn’t correctly placed on the case.

This makes me curious about your general workflow, too.

Purging can be done in Window>Model Info>Statistics. I use TIG’s Purge All from Sketchucation because it gives the report like I showed in my screen shot.

I am sure the workflow is pretty rough. I use it so rarely through the years, that I have to refresh on certain things and then I learn some more new tricks. The workflow has definitely been a patchwork build over time. I will have to check into the ‘off axis’ because I an not sure how that happened…probably in a hurry

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