Hide groups or components are gone and not more visible

I have a problem with Pro 2018. Often if I hide parts in my modell over a long time and then activate unhide all the parts are not come back. I have to close the programm and restart and then they are there again.

Any Idear why?

Do you have autosave checked in Window>preferences>General?

Yes! every 60 min is activated!

Look in Outliner, they should be “greyed out”. Right click on one and select unhide from the menu.

If you go to the View menu and turn on Hidden Geometry, can you see them?

How did you install? By double-clicking the installer? Strange things can happen if you do not install SketchUp properly. The best way to install is to right-click on the downloaded installer exe- file and then choose ‘run as administrator’
If you are not certain, do it now and when prompted, choose ‘repair’

I’m not sure why close and reopen would work, but one of the sneaky things about Edit->Unhide All is that it affects only entities within the current editing context. Things nested inside an unopened Group or Component will remain hidden when you run this command, including ones in Groups or Components nested in the currently open one!


I did install as an administrator. But it seems i have an monday programm :slight_smile:

If you hide groups or components when they are nested in other groups those nested groups must be open for editing to unhide the hidden one’s.

So I suppose it could be better maybe for “Unhide All” to actually be named “Unhide All In Context”.

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For the reason @slbaumgartner stated…
If you find yourself using the Hide command more than, say, once a month, then you’re using it too often.

This little plugin provides relief to those unable to break their Hide habit.
unhide_all.rbz (465 Bytes) … by R. Wilson

Thanks. Will try it. But i use “hide” all the time, because I draw 3D-details and therefore I must hide parts to modifiy parts behind.

You’d probably be better off using “hide rest of model” and “hide similar components”. I have keyboard shortcuts set for both so that I can toggle on/off when in component edit mode.

Note you have to be in component edit mode to be able to set the shortcut, if you are not it will not appear in the list of available commands to choose from.

There may be limits with this if you are using Groups and Components though.

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Try using layers instead (at least for groups and components). They provide far more power than hiding individual entities.

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There are far better ways.

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That is what im looking for. unfortunately it not works on my programm… dont know why!!

Any Idea?

It only works when you double click the component and go into edit mode. When you exit edit mode the components will re appear. If you watched the video you should have noticed that.

In your screenshot you only have the component selected.

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Just another 2 cents: I, too, have had numerous problems with the HIDE routine. I have been using an extension “LAYERS PANEL” by jiminy-billy-bob that allows for multi-tiered layering of a model. This way I can do what hide does by turning off certain layers or portions of layers if I have done the work to categorize well.
On very rare occasion this too has failed me, but very seldom, unlike the HIDE routine.
You might give this a try!

NOTE: I have no personal or financial interest in the extension or jiminy-billy-bob

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