If hidden while editing component, and then component is closed... is it hidden forever?

I have a question please about editing components and hiding.

I noticed that if I have to hide a part while editing a component, and then I close the editing of component… I can’t unhide the item. It’s as if the part disappeared. So I’ve had to stop my workflow for fear that that part may be deleted and start all over again.

I realized later that I can just pick “undo close”, and just undo things until my part was not hidden… and then I just try to remember to “un-hide” the part before I close the component for editing.

Is there no other way to un-hide a part if I accidently close a component and I simply must go back in time? I’m just wondering if I understand what is happening correctly.

Thanks for any advice.

Unhide only works within context. So you need to reopen for edit to unhide.
Turn on hidden geometry to help finding hidden things, they will show as a whiteish grid.

This situation is similar to why most experts advise you to keep all nested contents associated with Layer0. There are subtle rules in SketchUp about what works when that can lead to serious confusion.

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I recommend hiding by layer instead of hiding entities directly. Easier to control visibility. (And assign layer only per group or component - not edge/face.)

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Thank you everyone. It helped me a lot.