Hiding component is same as deleting component. Glitch

I discovered today, that if I hide a component as I regularly normally do to access a component behind it for editing, that component is unrecoverable. When I select “Unhide All” or reveal hidden objects, the component does not come back. This course of action is normally how I unhide components after my editing of the deeper component is complete. I saw a closed ticket where someone experienced the same glitch, but there was no solution and the ticket was closed. They unfortunately lost their entire project.
That said, I did close and reopen my project, and then clicked unhide and components previously lost did come back. But then it happened again, and closing and reopening and re-unhiding did not work the second time.
I am terrified to hide now. I chose to give it a try on a component just now, and hid the component, and then unhid it to make sure it would work, and it did…so I hid the component, editing the component beneath it, and then clicked to unhide the hiddent component that previously unhid, and bam, nothing. The component is unrecoverable and I will have to rebuild it. Arrg!
I speculate that the glitch is in the right click drop down tab when hiding. I suspect that when I carefully select “Hide”, that the software actually receives the message “delete” which is adjacent to the hide field. I assure you I do not click delete. So that is why I’m calling this a glitch, and I would like it to get some attention before I continue to use sketchup, as this glitch has the potential to waste days of my life and considerable stress if such errors go unnoticed while building a complex project.
Thank you.

Can you share a SketchUp file in which this happens?

It really is better to use tags to control the visibility of components in the model.

It isn’t possible that you are hitting Erase by mistake is it? Or perhaps hiding the geometry with the component instead of hiding the component?

This is what I see when I hide and unhide components.

Isn’t the issue due to hiding portions of the model constructed with multiple context levels? The hidden objects can be be found in Outliner which I believe is not available on the web program.

A way to recover the inadvertently hidden object is to open the the component or group context by context and at each iteration select Edit, unhide All or Last and if it does not appear (unhide) open the next context level and rinse and repeat until the hidden object mystically re-appears.

It could be that. Essentially the same as hiding the geometry within a component. Since we have yet to see the OP’s model, it’s only guessing.

It’s not available in the free web version but Outliner is available in SketchUp Go.

A way to see if the geometry or possibly objects nested in the component are actually present would be to turn on Hidden Objects and Hidden Geometry in the Display panel.