Hidden component problem


not sure what I’ve done but cant unhide hidden components in a model I’m making. when right clicking on them in outliner it does not give the option to unhide. when right clicking an option to unglue comes up but nothing happens when i click on this. New to sketchup, probably very simple,
Please help


Is it possible you hid the geometry within the component “wrapper”? Double click on the component’s name in Outliner (or right click on it and choose Edit component) and then go to the Edit menu. Choose Unhide>All. If that doesn’t solve it, can you share the SKP file?

Another possibility which may be a bigger problem is that you inadvertently deleted the geometry from within the component so the wrapper is still present but it is empty.We’ll hope that’s not what happened.


all sorted now, thanks for reply!


What was the fix? Was it what I suggested?


no schoolboy error, I was not using the select tool when trying to unhide components from the outliner.


I see. It’s good it is sorted.


I don’t think the behaviour in the outliner depends on the selected tool.