I can't unhide my hidden stuff!

I hid a few things that were made into a component. However, now I can’t unhide them. I have tried to enter into other groups/components and nothing is reappearing. How do I get my work back?

Have you checked your layers? If they’re not hidden somewhere in the layers, turn on your Hidden Geometry, which will enable you to see the things you’ve hidden.


I only have one layer. But, by turning on hidden layers, it revealed the instances! That enabled me to enter the component and unhide it! Thank you SO much!!!

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This is a good place to advertise the use of Outliner.
You can find nested hidden groups quite easily there. Look for the grayed, italic names.



You’re welcome. Always happy to assist! :slight_smile:

Since you’ve got only one layer, you turned on hidden geometry, right?

Ithis is an old thread but here goes: I see the group I want to unhide in outliner- it’s greyed out, how do I unhide it? Thanks

Select it, right click, unhide.
Select it, Edit menu, unhide.

Thks for the response- the right click wasn’t working, I’ll try the edit menu move, not sure if I did that.