Unable to unhide, I've checked other posts but can't get suggestions to work

Hi folks, hoping someone can help please.

I’ve hidden some objects in my design, when I’ve come to unhide (it’s worked in the past but maybe I’ve changed something), nothing will unhide, I can see the hatched areas where the objects are outlined but I cant get them to show their solid colours.

Any help appreciated, first time use so what’s behind the scenes is probably a bit of a mess.

Happy to share model if someone would rather a look first hand.


The hidden geometry or object is likely inside a group or component. If that’s the case, you’d have to enter into the group/component first, then unhide.

The most likely explanation is that the hidden things are nested inside groups or components. Unhide all operates only in the current edit context (model, group, or component), so you have to open a group or component to unhide things it contains.

Great, thanks I’ll have a look, after an hour I’ve got something back so I’m on my way :slight_smile: Stomach churning when I’d spent ages on it lol


I’m back in business !!

thanks, that’s the quickest help I’ve ever had :wink:

Just so you know, incorrect use of tags can also cause this effect. Leave all edges and faces untagged!

Hide is not something you should use randomly, hide is something you should only use as a short term way of Hiding something specific, perhaps to interact with something behind it. I personally never use hide.
You should get to understand how using groups. components and Tags can allow you to hide and unhide things as necessary,

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Totally right, I was using it in that context, have dived into creating something day one, should have spend longer with background info, but I’ve almost got what I need, including a huge appetite to learn more :wink:

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