Unhid my objects, How do I hide mesh?

Hi. I hid my objects when working on the last floor, saved it and closed my computer. When I unhide the objects it comes as a mesh. Unhidden geometry is not open. How do I fix this?

View>Hidden Objects

View>Hidden Geometry

doesnt work. found another thread and the dude used Unhide ALL (Edges) - Inside Groups / Components plugin from sketchucation.com, which worked for me

This is one of the reasons why using Hide/Unhide is not an efficient workflow. Hide should mostly be used sparingly and very much temporarily, a simple hide a face or object then unhide it again.
Hide is context sensitive, so if you open a group for editing and while in there you hide some geometry, then back out of the group, the hidden geometry is trapped within the group context, so Unhide, or unhide all won’t touch it. You can end up in a rabbit warren of nested hidden things.
It is far better to learn how to use Tags properly to hide and unhide things as needed.