Possible bug in Hide function


May I just get clear how Hide is supposed to work:

  1. If I create a few Solids and Hide each of them in turn, then if I leave the file open I should be able to un-hide all of them yes?

  2. If I save whilst they are Hidden, close and re-open Sketchup I still should be able to un-hide them, yes?

Unfortunately in my current file “1.” is happening but not “2.” This is to say: any objects which I had hidden at the time of saving the file are failing to reappear when I re-open the file in Sketchup.

Is this a bug?

Windows 8.1, Sketchup 2016 latest.Sketchup_v001.3c_real1.skp (1.6 MB)

PS I can hide simple shapes and get them back when I re-open the file, but this does not seem to work with Solids.

The easiest way to un-hide something is to turn on Hidden Geometry (via the View menu), select the geometry you want to view, then right click and choose Unhide.

nothing is ‘Hidden’ but you do have a set of ungrouped geometry on top of grouped geometry…


I can’t now duplicate the problem. I think I’m going to have to give up on this issue and move on!

I suggest that you use the layer functionality to hide and unhide grouped objects or components, typically. It is a simpler operation to just turn the affected layer(s) on or off and save that layer state in a scene.

Hiding objects is largely dependent upon the context in which you are working and this often can be confusing, for example let’s say you’re editing a group and you hide a face within the group. Once the edit is closed, you can’t unhide the face unless you reopen the edit session. You may see how this can cause problems particularly when there are numerous groups or components with various nested entities within them.

Yes layers look like a much better way of working - thanks

To avoid getting into trouble while using Layers, remember to keep all raw geometry on Layer0. Place all raw geometry into Groups or Components, then assign the Groups/Components to different Layers to control the visibility of those Groups/Components.