Problems unhiding


Hello eveybody.
Sometimes (if I am inside a group, for example), I hide one object and then, when I unhide all, it does not unhide anymore, it looks it has vanished.
I am a begginer,
Any good advice there?


There are a few things it could be. If you don’t have the group open for editing when you try to unhide things, they won’ tunhide. Another possibility if you’re using Hide from the Context menu, you might have fat fingered it and hit Erase instead.

Can you see the object you’re trying to unhide if you turn on Hidden Geometry (View menu)?

Do you have a SketchUp file that has this problem? Upload it so we can take a look and help you diagnoze exactly what the issue is.


For unhiding I have gotten into the habit of using Outliner. Right click on the entry and choose unhide.


The file is too big.
I have this problem when I am inside a group, I hide a part of it, and then I work in other things,Then I go out of the group. After that, if I use “unhide last” (it is the las hidden action) I have no problem unhiding. But if I use unhide all, then it looks that object have disapeared. Really weird.
I do not delete it becouse actually I use a shortcut customized for me.


Unhide all only works within the current context. So if you are outside the group it won’t unhide anything hidden within the group.


Thenk you very much.
I got it.